General Rules (Last update: 13.06.2018)

Aftermath - General Rules

Server rules


  1. Do not use ANY cheats or mods or you will get banned.
  2. Do not attack or kill players without a VALID reason.
  3. Do not pause or quit to avoid ANYTHING or you will be punished.
  4. Law Enforcement Officers are NOT allowed to work with civilians. Accepting bribes is not included in this.<
  5. TEAMING with cheaters and rulebreakers will lead to punishment.
  6. SPAMMING will lead to mute.
  7. Carparking is strictly NOT allowed.
  8. Asking for moderator rank will get you NOWHERE, instead try to be a good player.
  9. Advertisement of other servers will lead to a BAN.
  10. FAILURE to respect fellow players and staff members will be taken seriously.

Discord Rules

  1. Bullying/insulting/provoking/disrespecting other players is not allowed.